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The graphic arts market is undergoing profound changes for some time, both for the unstable economic situation and for the conversion from conventional to digital printing.

Trade fairs are a mirror of these trends, spotlighting the difficulties in times of global crisis as well as the different interesting news.

A visit to the Milanese event, Grafitalia 2013, allowed to notice not only the viability of several emerging companies but also the intelligent reorganization of subjects with solid tradition.

Besides the sector magazines and photographic brands, the message of the stand of a company like Imaf, historical protagonist of the Italian chemical industry for printing or rather of the sector not at all helped by the current market, appeared significant.

Counting on the quality of Italian export, betting on sustainability and enhancing the ability to adapt to changing conditions. So here is the choice to entrust the conception of the stand to a subject such as LibLab, an expert in communicating sustainable innovation in line with a change, now evident, in the policy of IMAF (reconversion of installations with investments in photovoltaic and other technologies to reduce impact, used of modern communication tools such as drones for the audiovisual shooting and the media circuits online and offline).

The stand in Grafitalia was made from entirely recycled materials with a preparation highly craft and with a proposal of the entertainment devoted to the pleasantness of the Made in Italy.

This turn to environmental and social responsibility traces a direction towards a genuine vitality that can give breath (like production and commercial results of IMAF demonstrate) to a sector in need of new ideas.


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